The fight over AB 5
    by Amanda Gullesserian

    The fight over AB 5 is quickly turning into a battle royale between labor and big corporations. As we reported last week, gig companies have joined the fray, pushing hard to undermine AB 5, the legislation that codifies the Dynamex decision so that misclassified workers are deemed employees and able to get basic protections on the job. Just this morning, California Chamber of Commerce boss Allan Zaremberg published an op-ed seeking to limit labor protections for gig workers.

    The argument from the Chamber and gig CEOs is that their workforce is so different that they shouldn’t have to provide labor protections like a minimum wage or workers’ comp. And that being an employee is somehow incompatible with “flexibility.” Nonsense. All workers deserve basic protections. And if they are under the control of the company, which according to the Dynamex decision gig workers are, they should be considered employees under the law. On flexibility, NELP destroyed that argument last week with a briefing paper that clearly outlined why “flexibility” has nothing to do with classification.

    The bottom line: Corporations are doing what they always do – trying to kill bills that protect working people. We’re pushing back hard.

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