Posted On: Jul 16, 2019


    The International Entertianment Adult Union along side The Wage & Hour Dividion, Assembly Women Lorine Gonzales, and The California Labor Federation is administrating a dancer speaker panel in the follow cities:

    SAN DIEGO                               Sept. 9th at 2pm   &  7pm

    LOS ANGELES                          Sept 10th & 11th at 2pm & 7pm

    OAKLAND/SAN FRANSICO      Sept. 13th  2pm & 7pm

    PORTLAND OR                          Sept. 16th 2pm & 7pm

    Babysetting room will be provided, location detail will be available at a later date for safety reasons,

    space will be limited, press will be attending, security will also be provided.

    The panel agenda is as follows:

    1.  Dancer wages  -  The California wages and hour division has recently added dancers to the IWC Wage Order 5 & 10.  . Labor Code Section 351

    The speaker of this panel will by the director of the wage and hour division

    In which the following is illegal concerning the tipping in clubs: & to hear you as the worker individually about your concerns.

    2. HB 5 Employee vs self-employee bill - We will have a speaker from Assembly women’s Loren Gonzales and Calif Labor board for this section of the panel.

    3.  The Dancers Rights Bill - The dancers rights bill was passed in Washington State which sets up an example for all other states to follow.

    â–ª https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/#inbox?projector=1

    The speakers of this panel will be officers of the IEAU

    4. Union Membership & Benefits -  The speaker of this panel will be officers of the IEAU


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