• Officers & Staff
    Int'l President

    International President of the I.E.A.U.  

    Jewelles holds a degree in business management, with over twenty years’ experience as an exotic dancer, as well as, club manager, she understands the industry in all regards. Residing in Portland Oregon, Jewels has always been an advocate of helping others in the industry and a strong believer of the right of free speech.

    Jewelles whole-heartedly understands the struggles people go through in this industry.  Being a wonderful, single mother of five, Jewels is just an amazing soul.  The I.E.A.U. is grateful she accepted the position, even though her hands are already full, she strongly believes in the difference the I.E.A.U. will make for everyone.  Jewelles has pledged to stand strong as the adult entertainer’s voice, to fight for the fairness of your rights, no matter how difficult the path ahead may be.

    Int'l Vice President
    Phyllisha Anne


    International Vice President -  Phyllisha Anne

    Phyllisha Anne is the founder of the I.E.A.U. and it’s chapters including APAG, EDG & AFC

    Miss Anne started exotic dancing at the age of 18, by the age of 21 she was running five exotic dance clubs. She began her Adult film career in 1998 with over 250 titles under her name.

    As Vice President Phyllisha Anne pledged to move this Union to a more positive direction, pledging she will work faithfully to Continue to give each industry brother & sister a voice.

    2nd Int' Vice President
    Courtney Sheryl

     2nd International Vice President

     We are proud to have Courtney Sheryl serve her 2nd term as elected 2nd Vice President to the I.E.A.U.  Since Aug 23rd 2017, Miss Sheryl has provided a strong stance to the membership of the I.E.A.U. Being active in the adult industry for approximately eight years working as an exotic dancer with prior working experience in the U.S. Postal Service proving her dedication to serve. Miss Sheryl comes from a family of union members and organizations.     

    Currently Miss Sheryl  with her Fiancé, runs three top rated adult establishments in the city of Portland, Oregon.   The board of the I.E.A.U. feels very fortunate to have Mrs. Sheryl on the I.E.A.U. board, and we are looking forward to insight she will share..

     Miss Sheryl  will be heading our "Discount Program and Fundraiser Committee" which will help bring members of the Union benefits that people inside this industry deserves. 

    818-208-7500 Ext. 812

    Int'l Secretary
    Gypsy Love


    International Secretary - Gypsy Love

     Gypsy Love is a former exotic dancer and has many friends and family in the adult entertainment industry.  Miss Love attended College in San Francisco being certified as an addiction Counslor  and is currently a vice game mistress for Feeling Touch Games

     Miss Love s is fighting for health care for families, and better working conditions! She has a drive for life and believes whole-heartedly that there is no limit to what we can accomplish together. 



    Int'l 2nd Secretary
    Domni Hodges

    Bio & pic coming soon!

    Int'l Treasurer
    Chloe Haze

    Int'l Treasurer - Chloe Haze 

       Moving from board member to new elected Treasurer, Chloe Haze has a reputation for always being honest and upfront.

    Miss Haze is currently a web cam actress for sites such as. “Chaterbate”, “Myfreecams” MFC & “Streamate”.

    Int'l Sargent of Arms
    Casey Blue

    Casey Blue - Sargent of Arms

    Bio & Pic coming soon!

    Int'l Board Stewart
    Lance A.

    Lance Allen - International Board Stewert

    Bio & pic coming soon!

    Int'l Board Member
    Ray K

    RAY K- International Board Member

    Ray K, who was a custodial parent for 18 years, worked as driver, bartender and house-mom and a male exotic dancer for many years in the Portland, Oregon area. He fully supports the rights of industry workers his experiences in the industry  provides a valuable viewpoint and he feels that unionized clubs can run profitably while treating their workers with respect.

    “My priority was to make the dancers money – their priority was to keep the bars busy. Happy dancers equal happy customers. In today's Business, I see utilizing union employees as a benefit for owners who seek the stability, unity and professionalism stemming from the union work environment.”

    A founding member of IEAU, Ray K heads our Membership Campaigns working to ensure that each member receives the benefits they deserve including medical, retirement and social security.


    Int'l Board Member
    Jon Pharoh

    Jon Pharoh - International Board Member

    Board Member
    Sadie McLaren


    Sadie McLaren - International Board Member

    Sadie McLaren recently retired to join the International Entertainment Adult Union Board to dedicate herself to advocating for dancers, full-time. She has been apointed as our main "Communications Officer". She started dancing at the age of 22 and spent 12 years in the industry – 7 of which were at one club. "That club is why I became a member and joined the board. I knew I couldn't allow them to continue treating girls the same way, or worse than I'd been treated; and I realized I had to do something."
    “I left a cushy government job in a VA hospital pharmacy to pursue dancing in 2006, because I'd been wanting to dance since I was 17, and I kept getting drawn to it. I wanted to do something challenging that would also make me happy. So, I left my government job and got my first job dancing in Chicago.”

    A triple-certified Pharmacy Tech, Sadie brings many talents to the IEAU Board. She’s bi-lingual and studying additional languages. She majored in Marketing/Communications and Global Economics, then switched to Social Psychology with a minor in Linguistics. She advises attorneys on how dance clubs work (and don’t), as well as screening potential clients for these attorneys. She is writing a blog, articles and a book on the industry. She is currently designing a unique line of dancewear, as well.

    “I plan on spending my time advocating for and helping dancers regain control of the industry that they are the faces of. IEAU-EDG is my #1 focus and I plan to keep it that way. Making some much needed changes in the industry is an important goal, because it impacts roughly 500,000 exotic dancers and their families, in the United States alone; which means millions of people need us. I feel proud to have the privilege of playing even the smallest role in changing so many people's lives. It's a multibillion-dollar industry and without exotic dancers, the industry wouldn't exist. The actual success of this industry should be credited to the people on the front line; the faces of the industry, the dancers. We did all the work and are sick of being the club owners' lowest priority.”

    Int'l Board Member
    Brian Mann

    Brian Mann - International Board Member

    Communications Director
    Katie Doll

    Bio @ Pic Coming soon!

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