1.  Insurance Coverage

    2. Testing cost down to $30.00 a test!

    3. Tax Programs & Real Estate Referals and Morgage Programs

    4.  Money Management Team

    5.  Discount Programs

    6.  Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies

    7.  Full Access to Website

    8.  Job Classified Board

    9.  Member Blogs 

    10.  Promotional Avenues

    11.  Free college programs

    12.  A chance to be a part of changing history and something wonderful!


    1.  Insurance Coverage (Just Click Here for More Information)

    • Subsidized Health plans through the Affordable Care Act (Healthcare.gov)  Since most in the industry are considered Self-employeed (1099 income).  These plans are based on your Net Income after tax deductions. 
    • Direct quotes for Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage.
    • Direct quotes for Life and Disability Insurance Coverage
    • Real Time assistance via Website Chat
    • Testing cost cut down to $30.00 a test!!

    2.  Tax Programs & Real Estate Referals and Morgage Programs

    • Discounted accounting programs 
    • Morgage Programs saving you money when buying a new home
    • Real Estate Referals that understand the complex issues of our bussiness and willing to work with you around those issues.

    3.  Money Management Team

    • Free of charge - Money management programs and advise from real, trustworthy brokers

    4.   Discount Programs

    • Roma Wear dancer wear - Wholesale Prices for Union Members
    • Working Advantage - 60% off hotel discounts, theme park discounts and more
    • Discount Car Rentals
    • Moving Truck Rental Discounts
    • Moving Service Discounts
    • Dental Program Discounts through New Dental Choice
    • Flower Discounts
    • Phone Service Discounts by AT & T
    • Photo Package Discounts 
    • Cosmetic Surgery Discounts

    5.  Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies

    • For as little as $88.00 a month - For 100,000 coverage

    6. Full Access to Website

    • Voting rights
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Sign on to class action lawsuit for royalties

    7. Job Classified Board

    • Bounce jobs off other union members
    • Rooms and property for rent, or nightly places to stay

    8. Member Blogs 

    9. Promotional Avenues

    • Featured on other websites
    • Radio show guests
    • Award Promotions
    • Magazine Layouts

    10.  Free college programs

    • Earn your degree in criminal law, website graphics and more, all paid 100%
    • For union members, their spouse and their children

    11.  A chance to be a part of changing history and something wonderful!

    (We are looking for avenues to offer talent free testing services, unemployment, retirement programs and therapy groups, as well as exit programs.)


    Feb 45, 2018
    Self -Employed EDD Coverage / California Information
    Dec 355, 2016
    I.E.A.U. Union Goals for 2018 & 2019 Shall be to set up affordable health insurance for all Industry members, with talent testing centers that accept our health insurance, retirements plans, social security, financial advisors, tax incentives, and unemployment insurance.

    Page Last Updated: Feb 45, 2018 (12:30:43)
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    If you are no longer having to pay any stage fees or working fees of any kind  (expect tip out) +

    You are collecting a check weekly for the hours you work with your states min. wage.

    What do you think is a fair tipping standard or %?


    The Porn Industry Is Rethinking How It Works With HIV Positive Performers 

    Stormy Daniels vs. Lorena Gonzalez and California labor law 

    The truth about rights for strippers!

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