by Amanda Gullesserian

    On the live podcast at KPCC 89.3 yesterday, Solders of Pole joins the conversation stating, "I’m with Alana this bill should just be pulled, people that are a gynecologist don’t have to take extra safety and education courses."

    I believe that statement, right there, just proves in a nut shell, just how much "education" we do need in this industry!  Not to put you on the spot there, Solders of Pole, but you did say it.

    Job Description of a Gynecologist

    Gynecologists provide medical treatment to women, focusing on issues related to the reproductive system. They may perform annual testing and exams, diagnose illnesses and infections, treat hormonal abnormalities, prescribe medication and counsel patients about birth control or fertility options. 

    Even janitors are required now to take a safety & education course.

    And the programs in which Alana States are already in place in the industry, well that’s great!  (did you guys know there’s a tax lesson out there for workers in this industry? or a place where you can get facts about our changing law status?)  Because I am sure not aware of that information, (which I am sure, they are currently scrambling as we speak to put those things in place, but who’s going to say that information provided to you is factual information or information that benefits them?) And from the podcast iI watched last week, Alana did not know those answers either, admitting that our new status was confusing.)   

     Making this a requirement BEFORE you get in to the industry, will be very helpful if not lifesaving, perhaps, to a few ladies who are just entering our wonderful family.  You only have to take the course once!  Just one time.  And god forbid, you just may learn something you didn’t know before. Or worse yet, you share the information you learned for others to benefit from as well.

    I mean do you know what you get tested for, when you go get tested?  

    Did you know this industry has hidden legal tax hints which can save you hundreds on your taxes?

    Did you know there is a way to legally borrow credit?

    If you did come across a young lady who you believed to be a sex trafficking victim do you know what you would do? I mean calling the cops just makes her situation worse, the way the system is set up, so what do you do?

    Do you know how long the HIV virus lives in a syringe?

    Do you know what a ringworm looks like? (That was just a recent industry issue, was it not?)

    This are some of the examples of what PERHAPS this certification could cover.

    Basic needed, helpful, education, where you could continue in this industry, making better educated choices, financially, health aware wise, knowing your true rights.   By following the noise on social media, your just throwing your right to being educated on safety and workers rights away.    Even thought this bill is still not perfect, we have plenty of time for amendments.  :)  

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    alanaevans Said...

    It's a great thing that you have APAG! Most of this info is listed on our website! Our ASK THE DOC section literally has every medical issue you mentioned! Go Union! http://apagunion.com/performer-info/ask-the-doc/

    phyllisha Said...

    My apologies on the last sentence, for those of you who continue to make fun of my spelling, because you have nothing else to make fun of, that meant to say Even though, this bill, still is not perfect, we have plenty of time for amendments. ME BAD :)


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