Updated On: Jan 01, 2018

       Management only takes our concerns seriously when we talk about forming a union.  If they want to bribe us now to keep out a union, can you imagine what we could with a union?

    Current Industry Union Rumors:

    1.  Your never going to get royalties out of the companies.

          That is very true.  We have never once even thought of trying, so whoever is telling you that is what this union is about, is misinforming you.

    2. You just want to take money out of my pay check.

        No, what we want to do is save you money so your paycheck goes further.  

    3.  It is ran by outsiders.

       No.  Every single person in this union is a part of the industry.  Every single one.

    5.  You are a scam, your not here to help anyone but to take advantage us.

        If unions where a scam, why is there one for every industry?  To police men, telephone operators, even the people working at the weed stores are unionized.  Why?  Because a union turns one voice, into thousands.  The person who told you this was a scam, was probably an agent, or a producer, a company owner, or perhaps even a performer who has no idea what they are talking about.  The people in charge of this industry, are going to tell you everything they can bad about this union, because they do not want it to exist.  They do not want you to have protection at work, or for you to have any rights at all, so they are going to tell you many things.  Use your own common sense.  Think for yourself. Join with us now, to help make life easier for you!

    Useful Life Tips by the I.E.A.U.

    1.  As Talent, you are allowed a "No" list.  

    2. Agent - Talent Contracts will NOT hold up in court.

    3. If it sounds to good to be true.  IT IS. 

    4. Find a partner in crime, don't run the streets alone.

    5. Treat your real life friends with more respect then your social media friends and the respect will go along way.

    6. Don't  "work" with your friend's boyfriend, your boyfriend's friend or your friends.  Even if you are paid too. (Well, maybe your friends :)

    7. Casting couches are a thing of the past, so is crew appreciation day. (Where you blow all the crew after your shoot.)

    8. Keep a package of square make-up sponges in your make up bag. (You can use them for an emergency sponge.)

    3. Remember someone's phone number by heart.

    10.  Treat others, as you want others to treat you.  Don't steal, karma will get back to you.  No one is better, than the other, we are all here doing this together.

    11.  Do not sign your model releases until after you shoot and you are getting paid. However, you must give copies of your ID and show your test before you begin. 

    The I.E.A.U.'s future on set policies for the adult industry members:  Dancers policies see below.


    1.  The nature of the individual scenes and the sex acts they require, as well as your partner and scene rate, will be negotiated and agreed to before you are hired.

    2.  No one shall ever ask a performer to do something they have not negotiated before hand.  

    3.  As a performer, you ALWAYS have the right to say "No" - even if it is something you have already agreed to.

    4. At any time you feel uncomfortable, you can stop any action, at any time.  If you feel up to it, the director can simply move forward to something else, your choices and your limits will always be respected and honored without any questions.

    5. You should at all times feel safe and have fun, if you are not for any reason, please let the director know.

    6.  You should be able to request your partner, and that a "No" list is always honored. 

    7. At no time shall you work with ANY STD's.  Period.

    8.  You are permitted to inspect your partners’ talent test prior to sexual contact. 

    9.  Condom / barrier protection is 100% up to the performer.  At no time are you to be punished by requesting to use one, even if discussed prior.

    10. Condoms shall be provided to you and available on all sets.

    11.  All toys shall be new and opened by you, out of the box, unless prior discussion was made for you to provide your own.  At no time, shall you be forced to use a "used" toy, cleaned or not.

    12. You shall be provided with a clean and positive environment to work in.

    13. There shall be no alcohol or drug use on set. PERIOD. There is NO exceptions.

    14.  You must be 21 or older to perform in any adult film or web content of any kind.  If you are not 21, you must be issued a "Talent Certificate" by either the I.E.A.U. or A.P.A.C. to work.

    15. Any medical concerns or issues must be disclosed and discussed before hiring.

    16. If you are working off a script, for a feature film, that script shall be provided to you at least one week before the shoot.

    17. You must show up on the site, on time, with the correct wardrobe, 2 copies of your test, 2 government forms of ID, and with out any bruises or visible marks, including in the private area.  If you do not please see below under the cancellation policies.

    18. Female products shall be provided for you, such as douches, enemas, lube, and clean towels.

    19. At any time you are working more than 4 hours, you are to be given a 15 min. break.  Every 6 hours a half  hour lunch break, which shall be provided to you.  Any shoot over 8 hours, you are to be paid an over time wage and be given an hour dinner break with dinner provided to you, unless it was discussed prior. 

    20. You are not to be kept on set, for more then one hour before the beginning of your scene, however of the day of your shoot, the time may be adjusted accordingly. 

    21. All production companies or to require a "Union Approved" production stamp so that talent and production will know you are an authorized, respectable company.  Talent needs to be aware of this stamp at all times, whether it be on your website or on your contracts.  This stamp can be issued to production companies through either the I.E.A.U. or the F.S.C.

    22.  Performers as well as crew are to be paid as employees with the Social Security and Unemployment benefits. 

    23. Model Releases shall be signed with the 2257 prior to each shoot.  

    24. You are to be given complete rights to the scene after one year of the release date. 

    25. There shall always be snacks and water provided to you at all times. 

    26. You may receive ten free copies of your movie from the production company, upon request.

    27. All production companies, directors or producers must aquire a union approved stamp, so talent knows you are respectful and trustworthy to work for and you have passed all OSHA safety requirements. 

    28.  All agents must aquire a union approved stamp, so that talent knows you're a licensed, respectful agent. 


    All production companies who wish to follow these onset policies and best practices will pay all talent and crew through the union payroll company, so that they may be enforced:

    1. During a scene, if you want to stop completely and not continue filming, for any reason, that is okay.  It is your body and your mind and that is more of valuable than any amount of money.  The adult industry completely understands.  Just politely stop the scene, pull the director aside, and at no time shall the director try to change your mind, or try to punish you for not continuing. 

    2.  Performers must be given 8 hours before the cancellation of the shoot, or performer is to be paid a kill fee of a min. of  $300.00, through payroll.

    3. Performers shall give a min. of 8 hours to production if they need to cancel, other wise, if they can not be replaced in time they shall pay a fee of a min. of $300.00 to cover the time loss and the location costs.

    4. If a performer is a "No Show", the performer must pay a min. of $500.00 to cover the other talent cost and loss of time and location.  This can be taken out of the performers next pay, through the union payroll company.

    5. If you are the performer stuck on set because of a "No Show", you are to be paid a min. of $300.00 from the company.

    6. At any time the director feels that you are distressed, uncomfortable or they are concerned for any reason, the director has the authority to "pause" the shoot and only resume after both the performer and the director has consented to do so.  If no consent can be made, you may be asked to not continue and may not be paid for the days shoot.

    7.  If you show up on set with visible bruises, no ID or with out a current test within 14days no matter what gender you are shooting for, you will be fined $500.00, the same as a "no show".


    1.  Performers and crew shall always be permitted to tweet, take on set pictures and promote, as long they have consent from the others being in your tweets or pictures.  If no consent was given, performer could be liable for civil actions.

    2. You may request set pictures, or "extra pictures" from the photographer with consent form the production company.

    3. You are not to bring any friends, partners, family or pets to shoots and to always be respected to all those on set with you.

    4.  If any property is destroyed, stolen or damaged during the shoot, you may be liable for cost by civil actions taken by the production company.


    The following policies have already been discussed with FSC

     1. Set a schedule for FSC to facilitate and host an industry meeting with the I.E.A.U. and A.P.A.C. and performers to be held.  This meeting will include discussions and possible resolution of safety training and age requirement, health insurance to cover the bi-weekly cost of talent testing, and a industry payroll company to provide retirement options and other benefits. 

    2. FSC to review the I.E.A.U. healthcare insurance plan proposal and seek agreement from testing faculties to accept healthcare insurance plans.  Any research regarding laboratory or medical provider networks will be done by the I.E.A.U.

    3. FSC is to set a schedule for the service of the union payroll company plan proposal.  The I.E.A.U. will provide the requested documentation.

    4.  The FSC agrees to have monthly meetings with the union.   

    5. The FSC will provide a proposal to the I.E.A.U. for the next legislative session for California Bills that the I.E.A.U. may wish to consider to approve. This will include bills referencing retirement plans for individuals and reimbursement for working expenses.

    6. All performers that have worked in the industry for more then 60 days should be members of the I.E.A.U.

    7. Certificate training classes for performers under the age of 21.

    8. Safety classes and training will be provided by the I.E.A.U.

    9. That all award shows and ceremonies be inclusive and recognize transgender, gay and alternative performers, and awards given to performers under company contracts be restricted or limited. 

    The I.E.A.U.'s future dancer policies:

    1.  To work a premier shift, you must work a slow day shift to off set fairness.

    2. All stages shall be cleaned before each start of new shift.

    3. Dressing rooms are to be kept in a clean and orderly manner.

    4. You are to be paid a hourly pay rate on top of your made tips.

    5. If you are late or do not show for your shift, you may be fined.

    6. There shall be no "stage rental" fees.

    7.  There shall be no % of your private dances given to the bar, however you are to sign a non liable performer contract, removing the club liability for any falls or injuries.

    8. There shall be no drug use ever on any club property.

    9.  You may only have 2 drinks max. per shift.

    10. If gambling is available, you shall not gamble during or after your shift.

    11. If you are ever caught soliciting customers, you shall not return back to property and may be arrested.

    12. Respect your co-workers, if you are found to be a problem on more than three occcasions, you wil be asked not to return.

    13.  You are allowed 20 min break, between each set to get redressed, eat, use restroom. Otherwise you must always be on the floor. Smiling. 

    14.  There shall be water and light snacks available to you in the manager's office or in the dressing room. 

    15. Every one shall be given a private locker in which you can bring your own lock, and lock up your belongings.

    16. Your spouse and boyfriend shall not be on premises while you are working.


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