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  • Yes We Deserve Royalties!


     ANY WHERE IN EUROPE, Adult Film Performers as well as production crew get PAID ROYALTIES!
    All major cable stations and hotel chains already keep a data system in which they already know what adult movie was played, what time and who appeared in the movie.  The only difference is; performers are not paid for the airing of these films. 

    Join the class action law suit by signing your name to the form.  It’s only fair we are treated as other stars are treated, and paid the same as well.

    Message will be emailed to the following recipients:

    Pay Per View Channel
    Hustler TV
    Playboy TV
    Time Warner
    all Major Hotel Chains 

    Fight for your rights


    We will not be asking for Royalties against the Production Companies, only from the station in which are airing the films. No matter what you have heard, that is something the I.E.A.U. will NOT do.   We will be following the exact format of European Royality Program.   

    Never say never.  Look how far we have gotten now?  And you never thought we would.

    By siging this form you are signing to add your name to the class action law suit.

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  • International Entertainment Adult Union

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