• November 21, 2019
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    By Amanda Gullesserian
    Jul 03 Exposing Wage Theft Without Fear
    By Amanda Gullesserian
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    Exposing Wage Theft Without Fear
    by Amanda Gullesserian

    Exposing Wage Theft Without Fear: States Must Protect Workers from Retaliation via National Employment Law Project

    Why do workers experience retaliation?

    *Workers in the US generally bear the burden of enforcing their own labor protections - It's up to you, as the worker to come forward.

    *When a worker comes forward to report a workplace violation - employers usually retaliate or threaten to retaliate against the worker.

    *Under our current system - workers bear the entire risk of retaliation - until now!   

    We have steps and government entity’s, along with great lawyers to help you with your workplace safety!  Don't hesitate contact one of your Local Union Officers Today!  One of the many great benefits of being a Union member!

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